Thursday, November 29, 2012

How To Earn an Ingress Invite In your Android

After you send an request for an ingress invite and waiting for an  Ingress activation code. We will give you alternatives ways on how to earn an Ingress Invite for your Android device. Follow the instructions and you may get an ingress invite reward.

Here are the list to follow to get an ingress invites

There are Google employee that are giving free ingress invites when you follow them in their Google+ account. 

First step is to add one or all 4 of these people into your circles on Google+:

 Then keep tract on their post and follow their requirements  in giving away free ingress activation code. These includes, artistic craft of ingress and many more and make sure f you post a piece of custom artwork make sure you share with those 4 people and also tag the post with #Ingress and/or #IngressInvite..

Or you can simply click this --------------->> DOWNLOAD Free Ingress CODE

While waiting for your Ingress Invite, Go check the must to know in playing Ingress. Visit here : Ingress Level up Guide

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